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Sculpture and Stone Carving Edinburgh

Our in house sculptor Adam Innes is a classically trained craftsman who studied Architectural Stone Carving at the City and Guilds of London Art School. He has a passion for creating figurative and heraldic sculpture in the form of statues or ornament. He works in a variety of materials such as bronze, sandstone, limestone and plaster.


Our sculpture and carving services include:


- Public Sculpture

- Portrait Sculpture

- Letter Carving

- Architectural Carving

- Clay Modelling

When we work with a client to create a piece of sculpture, we strive to grasp the understanding of exactly what their needs and vision is for the piece. This process can begin with initial drawings to develop and establish an initial design. This helps our sculptor and our client to explore concepts and compositions for the modelling stage. 


Most of our projects involve having a clay model made. This can be for a bronze piece to be casted or for a plaster cast for the sizing for a stone carving.      

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