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Stone Conservation and Restoration Edinburgh and Scotland ​

Stone Restoration

Restorative work is at the bedrock of our organisation. From a 15th century tower to a 19th century neo-classical, school we have covered all aspects and have a firm grasp of the understanding, of architectural restoration. Our restoration work can include such things as:

- Stone detail replacement (cornice, doorways, window surrounds, indents etc.)

- Rebuilding

- Structural Repairs

- Lime pointing

- Lime harling

Stone Conservation

Understanding the conservation of stone takes an eye and a will to treat the material in the most sympathetic and durable way. Having covered various jobs such Kilfinan Lapidarian, which entailed the display of 26 medieval grave stones - the earliest of which was a 7th century Christian headstone - we have gained diverse experience in the conservation of stone.  


From the Wallace monument in Stirling to Linlithgow Palace outside Edinburgh, we have an in-depth knowledge and broad experience that allows our stonemasons to tackle any Stonemasonry project.

Above you can see examples of our stone conservation work such as:

 Stone staircases, lime pointing, stone indents, arches, window surrounds and flying buttresses.    

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