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Lime Pointing Edinburgh

Lime pointing is the traditional method that is used for filling the joints between stones on walls and buildings. Lime mortar is porous, which means it allows a stone wall to breathe. This means that any moisture or water that has entered the building is able to escape back out. Unlike cementer mortar which traps moisture, lime mortar helps stabilise the internal humidity of a building by absorbing and releasing moisture. This reduces surface condensation and mould growth. If the wall is not allowed to breathe it prevents the wall from drying out therefore corroding the stone. 


A lot of our Lime pointing work involves the removal of cement pointing from our client’s walls. Our skilled and experienced masons remove the failed cement pointing raking it back to the original lime building mortar. We then assess what type and mix of mortar is the most suitable for our client’s stone wall.      

Lime Pointing on Historic Buildings

Our company has used lime mortar throughout its 150 year history. We have in-depth experience in the creation and the application of quick lime to historic buildings.

For over 20 years James Innes senior has lectured at the Scottish Lime Centre teaching on all aspects of Lime mortar to college students, Historic Scotland and Scottish masonry companies.  

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